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The New Start and Resilience Program Difference

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Lately I’ve been asked questions like these from potential clients:

1. I’ve got “X” condition and bloating, fatigue and reflux. I was given this medication, but I’m still not feeling well. I haven’t been to my son’s soccer game in a month! Do you have a handout that you could just give me that would work?


2. I’ve read about paleo diets, ketogenic diets, vegan diets, raw diets, SCD/GAPS diets on social media, this must be my answer to finally improve my health, what do you think?

In other words, people definitely want resolution so they can start living healthy lives, especially in this time of Covid, but aren’t sure where to turn next. My concern is that people are looking for a single remedy or quick fix to cure their ills and alleviate their symptoms. A band-aid solution if you will. Unfortunately, healing and resolution doesn’t happen like that. These “quick fixes” just leave a lot of people sick, tired and confused as to where to look for answers.

The real answer is each person is unique and requires a unique approach. This is exactly where the New Start and Resilience programs come in, created by a Functional Nutritionist.

In our current healthcare system, doctors don’t have time during appointments to talk with patients about food, nutrition, diet and lifestyle modifications. Or time to assess, recommend and track a patient’s progress – to really understand that client’s day; what they’re eating for breakfast, what they're eating for lunch and dinner, when are they eating, how their blood sugar balance is during the day and night, what their sleep and stress looks like and much more.

I work with clients in the New Start and Resilience programs to educate and support them so they are better able to take control of their own health. We look at the importance of how food meets physiology and what is going on specifically in that individual’s unique digestive system and why signs and symptoms have created inflammation that is not calming down.

I address our 3 roots; genes, digestion and inflammation and specifically what all that means for them.

I use the many tools and frameworks necessary to start the healing process. By utilizing all these factors collectively with my clients, we begin to create a bridge that forms a therapeutic relationship that may include other healthcare practitioners as well.

As a Functional Nutritionist, this is my sweet spot – working with clients to build a new kind of healthcare partnership in my two programs.

Truly the only “fix” for everyone is treating everyone as an individual.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me and let’s begin a New Start for you so your Resilience begins to shine and you can start leading your best life!

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